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Journey 180 Planner is an undated, six-month (180 days), daily lifestyle planner designed to help adults reflect on their past, appreciate the present, and get excited for their future. It’s a life coach, journal, and planner - all in one. With fun exercises to help them connect with others, challenge themselves, and pursue what moves them, Journey 180 Planner not only helps people plan for the future, but helps them enjoy the adventure each day brings.

Manifest your Ideal Life - With weekly challenges, daily affirmations, and fun journaling prompts, this is more than a planner. Journey 180 Planners are designed to help you practice gratitude, boost confidence, and help you achieve your goals.
Quality Hardcover Linen Planner - With a solid cover and elastic band to keep it all together, this planner is designed to keep up with your busy life.
Improve Focus and Reduce Overwhelm - With Top 3 Priorities and easy to fill-in schedule, you'll be able to stay on top of what's most important for you. By breaking your schedule into 30 minute blocks inspired by the Pomodoro method, you'll be able to lay out exactly what needs to get done.
Celebrate your Growth and Journey - Give yourself freedom to let go of what isn't serving you right now and taking breaks to focus on self-care with reflection exercises throughout.
Connect with Your Community and Plan a Future You Love - With fun prompts like "People I want to Connect With" and "Memories I want to Make", you can have fun creating deeper connections as you journal.

🎁 Great Gift for Friends, Family, and Loved Ones - Gift confidence, gratitude, and inspiration to the special people in your life. This lifestyle gratitude and mindfulness planner and journal makes the perfect gift.

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Customer Reviews

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Great for young adults

I ordered this for my sister who is in college and working. She has neglected her self care and has been stressing out lately. I gave her this book and she is loving it so far.

Selfcare Isn't Selfish

Even though this is a higher priced journal, selfcare is worth it. It has very useful and reflective prompts to take you on a journey of forming good habits, practicing mindfulness and tracking your mood. If you have been contemplating getting more intentional about mindfulness this journal will help.

V Thom
Nice planner!

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Just what I needed as another tool to help me reach my goals and get my life on track. There is alot to this planner. The planner itself is hardcover and is bound as a book. It's beautiful with its ribbon page markers. The planner is just the right size to carry with you.

Great journal

The planner is great for building new habits and improving yourself. Highly recommend!

Nice enough and very sturdy book

This is a pretty nice book for self-care planning. The only thing I found is that it's a bit confusing at certain points and I found that I was getting too frustrated to actually relax and enjoy the book. That said, it was only here and there and it could just be a me thing. ON the whole, this book is well made and one that I think very well could help people out on their way to self-care.
This is a 180 day book "program" of sorts so it's meant to help you out in that six month time period.